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To mark Black History Month, we are reaching out to the residents of St Albans to help us add more stories to our museum collections.

Share with us your memories and personal stories of black history in our city and district. You can contact our Curator, via

Visit our St Albans on Demand gallery on the first floor to see an image of a local community group and the diverse range of cultural backgrounds their members come from.

Beyond our imaginations: England's Other Countrymen, A talk by Dr Onyeka Nubia, 24 November, 3pm
Come and hear from Dr Onyeka Nubia and discover untold stories about the Tudor period.
The Tudor period remains a source of timeless fascination, with endless novels, TV programmes and films depicting the period in myriad ways. And yet our image of the Tudor era remains overwhelmingly white.
Dr Onyeka Nubia seeks to redress the balance: revealing not only how black presence in Tudor England was far greater than has previously been recognised, but that Tudor conceptions of race were far more complex than we have been led to believe.

Tickets: £10. Book here >


The image on this page features young people from the Pioneer Youth Club with Mr Ken Haywood, Mayor of St Albans, on rollerskates, 1982, part of St Albans Museums collection.