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We can discover all sorts of things about ourselves, and the Romans, by looking at objects very carefully. 

Look around your home and find three objects that you use regularly, like a fork, a pen or the TV remote. 

Close your eyes and imagine... you are an alien from Mars. You have landed on earth and the only things you have to tell you about the people that live here are these objects. You need to tell the other aliens back home what you have found out about the earthlings... so you need to look very closely at these objects and find out as much as you can!

Start by looking at each one up close- what do you notice about what it is made of, the colours, patterns and use of the object. Does it look new or old? Does it look like it is used often? If you had never seen this object before, what might you think it is for? Maybe a fork is for poking people, or a TV remote is for doing spells? Get creative!

Write down your ideas as a letter to Mars. You can share what you have written with us below for chance to be featured on our website.

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